Thursday, 18 August 2011

How to Bully Online Bob Fiddaman Style

* Get updated on Bob's hit-and-run twitter tactics

* Learn how to be a petulant child in five minutes or less

* Understand why the best way to slit someones throat is to gain their trust so you can get close to them

*How to avoid detection on statcounter logs by switching from Google Chrome to Firefox and IE:8

*How to change the screen resolution to avoid being detected by website moderators

*Learn why it is important to keep a journal on your close contact confessions

*How to cram in computer time when you're at your sons wedding

* How to completely embarrass yourself using anonymous proxy servers that expose everything you type because you did not delete the registry key from the key logger file you downloaded to your outdated computer

*Which adult diapers to use when you can't pull yourself away from the computer and are forced to sit in your own waste for hours

*How to scare off other bloggers jealous of your disability lifestyle and E-book

*How to make others look crazy to avoid your fans from finding out that you are the real psychopath

*How to set up twitter pages and impersonate law enforcement

And more