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Bob Fiddaman, Jan Eastgate, Scientology - One Crazy Threesome

SCIENTOLOGY Australia SUICIDE - Soldier Edward McBride suicide - Message from his brother Stephen

Edward McBride suicide - Message from his brother Stephen


*Jan Eastgate was arrested for perverting the course of justice with an eleven year old girl who'd alleged sexual assault against her step father.

*Bob Fiddaman is a psychopathic personality with stalking and harassing issues.  A pimp for Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR.) Rumoured front group for Scientology.

*Scientology has been publicly accused of being a brainwashing cult that harasses and stalks their critics and enemies.

Hi there...

It kind of defeats the purpose of me being anonymous when I'm his brother Stephen McBride (belfastlad)..

All rightey, lets get started... For people that are not up to speed, I'm the brother of Edward McBride who committed suicide on February 7, 2007 whilst he was in the Australian Defense Force (ADF) and an active member of the Scientology for 2 years. He was found electrocuted (110,000 volts) at a desolate power station at Everton Park, Queensland (Australia). He had just completed "Run Drug Down", "Happiness Run Down" and "ARC Straight Wire" courses with the Scientology and had just forked out (bank loan) of more than $20,000 for more courses.

I have just returned home from a press conference with Senator Nick Xenophon / Ben Brown at parliament house in Canberra.. Basically, I flew out 22nd Nov (midnight) and arrived in Canberra approx 8:30am Monday morning.. Went to Nicks office and had a debrief on what the days proceedings would entail. If you could imagine (being jet lagged as well) sitting in front of 20 reporters / tv crew and them firing questions at you, quite daunting to say the least. In all fairness to the journalists, they were quite tame and I thanked them for being respectful and remorseful. That afternoon (Monday 1pm), I flew back to Perth and didnt arrive home till 8pm. Basically, I was on the go for 24hours. A small sacrifice to pay, in regard to getting the truth out there.

Once the press conference was over, I then had a 30 minute tv interview with a current affair tv program (I wont mention which one, in case there are any Scientology spies viewing this post - they may get the lawyers involved to stop it being aired) - it will be aired next week on prime time tv in Australia at 6:30pm (I will also post onto YouTube, etc).

Since the 23rd of Nov, I have had numerous propositions for radio / tv interviews which I will be following through over the next 2 weeks. Not only here in Australia, but also back home in Northern Ireland and also in England. Complete and utter international exposure to make sure my brother did not die in vain.

Why am I doing this ?? Because I want to expose this cult for what it is.. That being, a complete and utter farce, hiding behind a "religion".. You and me both know, it ain't a religion.. Hubbard even said "If you want to make money, then start a religion".. Doesn't get any clearer than that !! Spoken from the horses mouth. After doing a wee bit of research on the net (Google, you can find anything if you know where to look !!), it is quite clear that Hubbard was a drug fueled schizophreniac that deals in dark arts of satanism (handed down from his dad). This twisted individual is seriously (insert swear word here) up !! Do a google search on 'Aleister Crowley'.. Hubbard even thought he was the Anti-Christ !!

For the past 2.5 years, my parents health have both deteriorated due to the loss of a son / brother - flying back and forth to the eastern states for army inquiries, etc. I lost a brother, my parents are ill over this and I have so much rage going through my veins it's not funny.. It is plain and obvious that my brother committed suicide due to the fact that the Scientology were harassing, badgering and even on the point of stalking him in the 48 hours leading up to the inevitable (RIP). 19 voicemail messages left on his PDA.. Decorated police officers listened to those voicemail messages and said they were "demanding", "forceful" and "intimidating" - you do the math.. My brother was forced into a corner.

PS:- Oh and to the Scientologists that are probably on this site monitoring posts, etc.. Let me say one thing.. I will not rest until justice is served. You may have brainwashed my brother, but this is one person you'll have a hard time silencing. I'm one step ahead of you. I'm now in the public eye now, you don't think, that if anything should happen to me or my family "accidentally" people will be curious ?? "Possibly" pointing / investigating you ?? Last time I checked I was at parliament house / press conference.. You probably weren't expecting that - wrong.. I'm full of surprises and this is just the start.. Be smart with your next move, be very smart. I ain't nothing like my brother.. Belfast, Northern Ireland.. we know how to play (you do the math).. No I ain't paranoid or delusional, but scanning the internet for the last 2 years, gives me a very (pre)clear (sorry no pun intended - NOT !!) picture of what your "organization" is capable off.. You took my brother away from me and my parents and I will stop at nothing to make sure you cease to exist.. - This ain't a threat, it's a god damn promise..

PS:- to the readers of this message, can I please (I'm begging you), please spread the following link and pass it on -- 231 pages of documented proof of how corrupt the Scientology is.. Suicide's / abortions / murders / hit men / 'accidental' deaths / tax evasion / satanism..

PPS:- appologies 'moderators' if I'm not allowed to post external links, but I think it is invaluable to the cause.. Hollywood, Satanism, Scientology and Suicide


Stephen McBride