Friday, 16 December 2011

CCHR's Award Winner Bob Fiddaman Writes "Muslims Are Sub Human Scum."

Why didn't CCHR fly Bob Fiddaman to Canada for the seminar at the Ja'ffari Community Center? Isn't Bob their new poster boy for human rights - 2011? Could it be because he is a racist, primarily against Muslims? Because their newly awarded human rights activist believes Muslims are "sub human scum" and women are nothing more than rides at an amusement park?
According to Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) Canada facebook page,The Ja'ffari Community Center, a center serving Muslims in the GTA, graciously welcomed them to speak at their center.  

CCHR provided the community center with a resourceful seminar on the dangers of psychotropic drugs. In kind, the Ja'ffari Community Center invited CCHR to dine with them. 

Bob Fiddaman wrote the following Muslim hate messages on a public board:
"A little thing called Propaganda Nate. Imagine what the al-Qaeda folks are showing on their TV's right now. Don't get me wrong I think they are sub human scum - infact I don't really care much for Muslims or any fanatic on religion."

"Sept 11th kind of turned me into a semi racist - a broad statement I know
but at least I'm being honest. Now I could live next door to any Indian guy or Jap, German, fuck anybody except for any person who is deeply into Islam."

"This Country of ours is turning into a safe haven for followers of Islam. Their beliefs go beyond reason. Next thing you know the UK will be targeted by these fuckin morons who believe they are fighting a holy war. What's fuckin holy about killing innocent folk?"

"The mosques around Birmingham provide shelter for members of the al- Quaeda,
members that Tony Blair is allowing into our Country. The French have the
right idea - though they are rather extreme."

And Remember......
As seen here, Bob Fiddaman publicly posted about his experience with narcotics and prostitution.

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 More options Dec 18 2002, 4:50 pm

Newsgroups: alt.rock-n-roll.acdc
From: "Fiddy1" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 15:50:15 GMT
Local: Wed, Dec 18 2002 4:50 pm
Subject: Amsterdam

"What a blast. Props to Cam for recommending what I should smoke. Opted for a
mild skunk in the end..... Mild....that's a joke. You ever seen three grown men walking around Central Station giggling like a bunch of schoolboys?"

"The Big Country gig was held in a small pub like venue called the De Kade.
Each band member did their own slots before being joined on stage by Mike
Peters (Alarm). Fantastic set with Mike Peters excelling himself. After the
show and what seemed like a crate of beer me and my buddies headed back into
Amsterdam and yet another coffee shop. The Dutch folk are so welcoming. The
red light area was next on the list and Mr Fiddaman opted for a shapely
blonde stunner with pink lipstick. Unfortunately Mr Fiddaman could not get
firing on all cylinders so 50 Euros was not well spent:)"
"On to one of the various rock bars and was greeted by Up To My Neck In You -
Kinda sobered me up!!!! Finally arrived back at the Hotel just after 6am
Day two was spent drinking and smoking again but this time I actually
'tripped'. Was in a bar and everything was in slow motion - even the music
started to slow down. With head tilted forward and eyes agog I was the brunt
of jokes from my two buddies. Caught a tram to the Hard Rock Cafe - bought a
pin badge - threw away the clips that hold the badge on - Don't ask me why I
did that  -Just one of them spontaneous things you do when monged out your
"My throat is sore through laughing. I shall definitely be returning to Dam,
if only to finish off the blonde babe who had a face and body to die for.
Bitch told me I talked too much that was probably why 'The gates never
"Anyway That's my weekend folks.
Alan Whicker eat ya heart out."

Bob Fiddaman
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CCHR is: Anti-psychiatry, anti-drugging.
CCHR's "We stand for human rights" seminar did not include the part where they believe a sexist/racist pig, whose hate messages towards  Muslims, and all the "prossy's" (prostitutes) he goes through, is acceptable so long as their award winner hates psychiatry and spreads their message in the most obsessive fashion.
Had the Ja'ffari Community Center been made aware of these public statements, condoned by CCHR and their public approval of Bob Fiddaman, would CCHR have been so graciously invited in the first place? Will they be invited back? 

Way to go CCHR

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