Friday, 24 August 2012

Casper's CEO Maria Bradshaw Struggling With Boyfriend Bob Fiddaman's Obsession With Canada and Prostitution?





Bob Fiddaman's IP revealed again by awstats public IP tracker on 
another public online board advertising deviant sex in Canada

Bob Fiddaman foolishly posted on public boards using his Virgin Media 
IP address:

The book on How to Spot a Psychopath says Bob Fiddaman will explain it away by insisting he was doing research again.

To confirm the IP address he was registered to: 

From bob_fid2000@... Wed Jun 02 15:13:08 2010
Return-Path: <bob_fid2000@...>
X-Sender: bob_fid2000@...
X-Received: (qmail 30767 invoked from network); 2 Jun 2010 22:13:04 -0000
X-Received: from unknown (
by with QMQP; 2 Jun 2010 22:13:04 -0000
X-Received: from unknown (HELO (
by with SMTP; 2 Jun 2010 22:13:04 -0000
X-Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 02 Jun 2010 22:13:02 -0000
X-Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 02 Jun 2010 22:13:02 -0000
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2010 22:13:01 -0000
Message-ID: <>
User-Agent: eGroups-EW/0.82
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="ISO-8859-1"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
X-Mailer: Yahoo Groups Message Poster
X-Yahoo-Newman-Property: groups-compose
From: "bob_fid2000" <bob_fid2000@...>
Subject: Tracking the American Epidemic of Mental Illness - Part II - By Evelyn Pringle
X-Yahoo-Group-Post: member; u=338902796; y=XYlJVBqJUyCyQn-hACVUDeqeN2QZH4D0WziRoPjeRAHB3AYNusA
X-Yahoo-Profile: bob_fid2000

Tracking the American Epidemic of Mental Illness - Part II - By Evelyn Prin=

Another cracking instalment from a terrific writer.

Author of Seroxat Sufferers 
And here is where we find the chronic deviant sex searches made by the same IP 
awstats082010.carman.. - Carman Fox and Friends
... 24596 138 8467 18909689 20100830152519 0 1 379187 17 498 10227018 20100820160317 0 ...
AWSTATS DATA FILE 6.6 (build 1.887)
# If you remove this file, all statistics for date 201008 will be lost/reset.

# Position (offset in bytes) in this file of beginning of each section for
# direct I/O access. If you made changes somewhere in this file, you should
# also remove completely the MAP section (AWStats will rewrite it at next
# update).
POS_GENERAL 1915                
POS_TIME 2621                
POS_VISITOR 363513              
POS_DAY 1538770             
POS_DOMAIN 3939                
POS_LOGIN 6451                
POS_ROBOT 6718                
POS_WORMS 8563                
POS_EMAILSENDER 8694                
POS_EMAILRECEIVER 8837                
POS_SESSION 1540005             
POS_SIDER 1540233             
POS_FILETYPES 8972                
POS_OS 9432                
POS_BROWSER 9807                
POS_SCREENSIZE 11966               
POS_UNKNOWNREFERER 12040               
POS_ORIGIN 63119               
POS_SEREFERRALS 63290               
POS_PAGEREFS 63779               
POS_SEARCHWORDS 131166              
POS_KEYWORDS 185585              
POS_MISC 2281                
POS_ERRORS 200525              
POS_CLUSTER 6307                
POS_SIDER_404 200720              
POS_PLUGIN_geoip_city_maxmind 307701              

# LastLine    = Date of last record processed - Last record line number in last log - Last record offset in last log - Last record signature value
# FirstTime   = Date of first visit for history file
# LastTime    = Date of last visit for history file
# LastUpdate  = Date of last update - Nb of parsed records - Nb of parsed old records - Nb of parsed new records - Nb of parsed corrupted - Nb of parsed dropped
# TotalVisits = Number of visits
# TotalUnique = Number of unique visitors
# MonthHostsKnown   = Number of hosts known
# MonthHostsUnKnown = Number of hosts unknown
LastLine 20100901000000 1937658 546973575 13989741629538
FirstTime 20100801000015
LastTime 20100831235959
LastUpdate 20100901035746 1937658 980944 956713 0 0
TotalVisits 49184               
TotalUnique 18080               
MonthHostsKnown 0                   
MonthHostsUnknown 33593               

# Misc ID - Pages - Hits - Bandwidth
QuickTimeSupport 0 0 0
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JavascriptDisabled 0 0 0
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TotalMisc 0 0 0
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FlashSupport 0 0 0

# External page referers - Pages - Hits
# The 10 first Pages must be first (order not required for others)
BEGIN_PAGEREFS 1204 5547 5547 4010 63207 2850 54627 1782 147405 1605 146231 1487 1487 1051 1051 604 604 598 598 549 549 56 56 0 19 44 44 1 2 0 3 1 1 1 238 2 11 0 8 0 5 4 408 1 4 19 19 1 1 1 1 0 2 0 4 0 38 0 334
http://www.carman 0 1 6 261 31 516 11702835 20100814072344 0 1 24596 5 396 5806157 20100828100531 2 172 5331411 20100807115815 0 1 24596 7 441 7337537 20100803044946 0 1 11776 1 3 53601 20100804190550 0 3 1137561 0 1 24596 138 8467 18909689 20100830152519 0 1 379187 17 498 10227018 20100820160317 0 1 24596 0 1 11776 1 131 2788346 20100801195324 6 450 5236861 20100826124552 0 1 24596 1 119 3808144 20100820020501 0 1 30013 1 92 1126514 20100801011029 2 40 345514 20100812100044 3 261 827190
Bob, You got some issues you need to deal with. 
Casper's CEO Maria Bradshaw, Get your private parts checked out woman. 
Here is a link for ya.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

For the record,,You ARE Bob Fiddaman

For the record,, You ARE Bob Fiddaman
For the record,, You ARE Bob Fiddaman
For the record, the next time you decide to stalk people online you should be more careful about the recovery address.  Hard to pass all these individual twitter pages off as people that don't know each other,or you, when they all used the same recovery address.  A critical error you are kicking yourself in the ass for.
Ironically, the same address you used for a blog you took ownership of several years ago. 

For the record, you lazy troll, you haven't paid taxes in over a decade. 
For the record, you can't fool the 25,000 people that work at google USA and Canada.
For the record, isn't this the reason why google refused to remove the blogs created by your victims? Because they know?
For the record, rage junkie, you should have taken them down when we offered a cease fire but you chose to risk your girlfriends hard work and her dead son for your obsession.
For the record, she will find out you lied to her.  
For the record, your friends know it is you. 
For the record, that's just the "tip of the iceberg." 

Maria, we will be sure to get those logs for you as soon as you send your email address.
Bob, the book on how to spot a psychopath says you are about to go and have another verbally abusive seizure on your multiple twitter pages.

Message to : For the record, I am not Bob Fiddaman. I am here because I disagree with your benefit fraud and activities.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

FBI & Canada to Investigate Complaints



Complaints against Scientology and their front groups and volunteers under investigation by FBI hits Canada local media.


Early this week the FBI received a formal complaint against Scientology, citing several alleged crimes, including, but not limited to exploitation of a handicap, interstate deceptive telemarketing, misleading marketing practices, fraud, and conspiracy to commit fraud. This complaint followed on the heels of a recent report filed with the Canada Competition Bureau for similar alleged crimes over a twelve year period.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Direct Message Going Out to Hypocrite Maria Bradshaw and Cyber Bully Bob Fiddaman

                                 Left:  Maria Bradshaw looking as though doom is upon her 

 Victims of Bob Fiddaman have opportunity to make a complaint to New Zealand Charities Commission


All of your twitter pages have an original email address. All of those addresses have the exact same password recovery address. You had to of confirmed them to use them. You were careful with the many gmail accounts you created for the twitter pages. However, the recovery address you weren't careful with. You used your virgin media account to create it and log into it on several occasions. IP address logged: Birmingham UK

You had the recovery email address for longer than the lives of the twitter pages. I believe the recovery address is the same address you used for the Strangford Bryce blog, the same recovery email address used for the other blog you used to harass that other woman who was forced to report you to police - The same blogs you initially denied having anything to do with. Later you had to publicly admit you had been the author behind it when you were sloppy and digitally signed it. Probably after a few pints. It's not a secret. Police already know. By the way, Birmingham Police deny ever encouraging you to create that blog. Another lie you told to cover yourself. They think you are a trickster.

What you will do now is blame someone that visits your flat regularly and has access to your Internet connection. You will blame one or all of your sons. It would not be the first time you used your children for your online flame wars. (see link below) However, that wont work. It wont work because you posted on those twitter pages while you visited America and Canada. The anonymous proxy routes through a different port in Canada and another in America. Very different connections routed in a completely different direction than the route it would follow from the UK. Think of it as traveling around the world on a freeway. You can't use the same freeway you used from State A to State B as you do from State C to State B. Are you following Bob? Not all roads will lead to the same place. It all depends on your starting point. So, this scenario is not possible unless your sons, or the other persons you will blame, were with you in these two countries and also have access to your Internet in your flat.

At the shock and horror of witnesses, you used your own children HERE

You post your life on twitter. You made it easy to track your whereabouts and determine which port would be used, and from where the connection would be routed. There are only so many routes available - Only so many freeways. The time stamp does the rest of the work. Think of those time stamps as border crossings. I realise the anonymous proxy providers like to really push their product and guarantee you complete anonymity and safety.  Your friends at GlaxoSmithKline use similar marketing techniques. Don't believe everything you read.

Sometimes you thought you could use different websites believing their services would differ and make you harder to track or maybe your favorite wasn't available or the connection was too slow. Different servers, different IP address and so forth. But that's not how it works either. All these anonymous IP providers are selling the same products. The same way the grocer sells milk. It's all manufactured and processed by the same companies. There are only a few different brands to chose from. All grocers carry the same brands. The only difference is the price and whether or not you can get a free sample. The security may differ also. As you know, some anonymous IP providers lack integrity and don't take your security very seriously. Sometimes your entire web history winds up in a file somewhere on the Internet. Others are honey pots. User beware. Read the fine print.

Bob, you wrote this statement years ago. "Seroxat has made me a danger. I fear for anyone who says the wrong thing to me." That is the truest public statement you ever made. However, You were a danger to everyone around you before Seroxat and now, long after. According to some of your older posts you were a problem at your place of work. You were considered a bully to senior management and this goes back years before you ever heard of Seroxat. Is this why Rover didn't ask you back, kept you on the sick registry? And what about your neighbours? Did you ever bully your neighbour? Let's exam the AC/DC and Big Country group and forums you belonged. Did you have problems there? Seems you did. Who is Tom Hunter?  
Correspondence between Bob Fiddaman and Tom Hunter. 

NEW: Tom Hunter - Monday, 26 May 2008, at 8:49 pm

"Britain is supposedly a Christian country, I believe we have never been a Christian country in anything but name!"

Wayne, Britain is one of the most Christian countries in the world. It offers safe haven status to refugees from all corners of the world and it is one of the prime givers to humanitarian projects universally. Think of all the migrants who try to smuggle themselves into this country every year... Now I wonder why that might be????

Part of the Christian philosophy is caring for the needy and sick... think of the unique NHS system, free to all-comers at the point of entry. In fact this Christian outlook gets abused... think of the free-loaders, able-bodied but lazy and gutless people who pretend to be sick and get themselves on sickness benefits so that they can absolve themselves of making a positive contribution to society ( paying taxes to support the elderly and really ill people) and it's usually those shirkers who are the most vociferous in their condemnation of their charitable country, I can even think of one person who has spent years on benefits but whose only thanks is to wish he was in Australia!!!

NEW: Bob Fiddaman - Monday, 26 May 2008, at 10:55 pm
I can even think of one person who has spent years on benefits but whose only thanks is to wish he was in Australia!!!

Hunter you are one hell of a cunt. I would seriously love to meet you.

OK - Ban me IG - This prick is such a complete and utter wanker and stuck right up his own arse it is untrue.

He bullies women on here then thinks he can get away with personal jibes at me.

Come on Tom - Meet me

New Street station or your neck of the woods - either way I ain't bothered - I'd even sacrifice part of my disability benefit to pay for the train fare.

You utter cunt!


Although these don't explain the lead up, here is an example of your handy work from 2004

From 2005

Here is one of your favorite rituals. Discrediting people with your obtuse lies.

And an interesting account of what really went on all those years ago and who started it.
In response to that last link, because I had never seen it before until today, I'd like to say to Derek Scott, Bob Fiddaman, and Cyndi White;  You folks sure are a little rough around the edges.  What was intended as a mental health support group looks more like anarchism.  Outstanding.  This post is a perfect example of why we don't allow people like you to have any authority in the real world. Let me guess, you're all still unemployed? I'm shocked. *extreme sarcasm*
Is it a no wonder the victims fought back? Did you expect you would be able to suppress their voices? It worked with some of them but not all of them.

The group anonymous had you on their radar as early as 2007. Their interest was peaked in 2009.

Bob Fiddaman and Scientology 

You addressed this poem to your google group in 2001.

Written whilst at work on my woman's job.     june192001


If you ever feel the need 
to kick someone when they're down. 
Or to jump on to the bandwagon 
of the posting of a clown. 

Then hop aboard this newsgroup 
be patient for a while. 
Wait until the Pot Head 
posts his venomous vile. 

Join in with the rest of them 
as they single out their source. 
If you have a disability 
you'll be victimised, of course. 

No matter what you tell them 
you'll find they deaf an ear. 
Facts of course mean nothing 
let me make that clear. 

The ladies of this newsgroup 
have hearts all made of gold. 
Dave's apostles, on the other hand 
all do as they're told. 

The Eurobods are friendly 
they make you feel at home. 
Even though you're far away 
you never feel alone. 

If you've ever had to suffer 
*take note* Thou shall not post. 
'Cos if you do you'll be ridiculed 
by the drug induced pot host. 

Your Country Laws mean nothing 
for Dave - Miss Bo Peep. 
He's right even when he is wrong 
and so are his sad sheep. 

Doof will give you advice 
"Stop posting to a thread." 
Then continue to berate you, 
no truth in what he said. 

Name calling is 'childish' 
say's Nate the newsgroup Whip. 
A guy who has a problem, 
on his shoulder grows a chip. 

Tops, he knows no better, 
only money is his aim. 
He'll fuck you over backwards 
to get financial gain. 

There's other sheep of course 
with no mind of there own. 
Who lay in wait for Dave's response 
as their brains are just on loan. 

So if you're browsing through here 
just lurk for a few days. 
And you will see how this works 
from the Pot Head's evil ways. 

Don't post about your problems 
Don't post about your past. 
Don't post with a point of view 
'cos it will be your last. 

'Congratulation' posts 
mean nothing come what may. 
'Cos most will all withdraw them 
once Dave has had his say. 

If you ever post a reply 
defending your good name. 
Wait for direct responses 
from the Pot Head Posse train. 

You also posted this -

"A little thing called Propaganda Nate. Imagine what the al-Qaeda folks are showing on their TV's right now. Don't get me wrong I think they are sub human scum - infact I don't really care much for Muslims or any fanatic on religion."

"Sept 11th kind of turned me into a semi racist - a broad statement I know
but at least I'm being honest. Now I could live next door to any Indian guy or Jap, German, fuck anybody except for any person who is deeply into Islam."

"This Country of ours is turning into a safe haven for followers of Islam. Their beliefs go beyond reason. Next thing you know the UK will be targeted by these fuckin morons who believe they are fighting a holy war. What's fuckin holy about killing innocent folk?"

"The mosques around Birmingham provide shelter for members of the al- Quaeda,
members that Tony Blair is allowing into our Country. The French have the
right idea - though they are rather extreme."

And Remember......
And then

"The Big Country gig was held in a small pub like venue called the De Kade. 
Each band member did their own slots before being joined on stage by Mike 
Peters (Alarm). Fantastic set with Mike Peters excelling himself. After the 
show and what seemed like a crate of beer me and my buddies headed back into 
Amsterdam and yet another coffee shop. The Dutch folk are so welcoming. The 
red light area was next on the list and Mr Fiddaman opted for a shapely 
blonde stunner with pink lipstick. Unfortunately Mr Fiddaman could not get 
firing on all cylinders so 50 Euros was not well spent:)"
"On to one of the various rock bars and was greeted by Up To My Neck In You - 
Kinda sobered me up!!!! Finally arrived back at the Hotel just after 6am 
Day two was spent drinking and smoking again but this time I actually 
'tripped'. Was in a bar and everything was in slow motion - even the music 
started to slow down. With head tilted forward and eyes agog I was the brunt 
of jokes from my two buddies. Caught a tram to the Hard Rock Cafe - bought a 
pin badge - threw away the clips that hold the badge on - Don't ask me why I 
did that  -Just one of them spontaneous things you do when monged out your 
"My throat is sore through laughing. I shall definitely be returning to Dam, 
if only to finish off the blonde babe who had a face and body to die for. 
Bitch told me I talked too much that was probably why 'The gates never 
"Anyway That's my weekend folks. 
Alan Whicker eat ya heart out." 
Bob Fiddaman
A Member of the Seroxat Users Group
YAHOO ID: bfiddaman 

Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free.
The truth is out there 
Checked by AVG anti-virus system
Version: 6.0.427 / Virus Database: 240 - Release Date: 06/12/2002

View profile  
 More options Nov 8 2002, 1:38 pm

Newsgroups: alt.rock-n-roll.acdc
From: "Fiddy1" <>
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 12:38:03 GMT
Local: Fri, Nov 8 2002 1:38 pm
Subject: Amsterdam 14 Dec
Travelling over with a couple of mates for the Big Country fan reunion. 
Stopping at the Crown Plazza - Five Star. 
Will let yous know how many prossies I go through. 
Bob Fiddaman 
A Member of the Seroxat Users Group 
Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. 
Checked by AVG anti-virus system ( 
Version: 6.0.410 / Virus Database: 231 - Release Date: 31/10/2002

I like this comment best.  "Anyway That's my weekend folks. 
Alan Whicker eat ya heart out." 

You feel privileged you have to pay for sex? Are you bragging you may be a carrier of HIV or gonorrhea? Contradicting your self-proclaimed honesty and rooted moral compass when you did not post your intention to separate from you wife until some months later?

You posted, "I will let you know how many "prossies" I go through." - While dating some other poor woman in Australia. 

Let's review - 

You posted about the woman in Australia and your "relationship" and hopes to move to Australia months before you announced your separation from your wife and while you were smoking pot and paying for blowjobs in Amsterdam in a five star hotel while on disability benefits?   You weren't planning on running for office when you posted those, were you? Or ever working again? You do understand your grandchildren will read those one day?

CCHR is the only organization in the world that would award a man like you for human rights. Beggars can't be choosers.

Wow!  Maria, you are one lucky lady. Please consider a routine gynecological exam and thorough check for Stds.

You use Sara Carlin every time you are unable to defend yourself against allegations of bullying and abuse. Her parents have let you continue. I believe that is exploitation.  

If your allegations of cyber bullying and stalking were indeed true, such a real concern to you,  you would not have posted your new address on twitter.  You most certainly would not have attempted a taunt at your victims using her dead son to do it.  You would not have put yourself before Ms. Bradshaw and her dead son’s memory and dignity.  

There is in an inner war you battle on a daily basis.  It is between your ego and your obligation to protect the people who blindly trust you.  Your ego wins every time.  However, I don’t understand why you believe a change of address is a move up in the world worth bragging about. Your twitter pages are astounding evidence of a lateral move. What has changed?  How have you bettered yourself? 

In effort to prevent your handful of ignorant supporters from reading all posts related to this lengthy and sadistic debate, you have told them you have been hacked.  You have told them this blog is a honey trap.  The term is ‘honey pot’ not ‘honey trap.’  This in itself is a remarkable statement.  Google would quickly detect and never allow a malicious script on blogger.  That this blog still stands, has not been taken down by Google, is more evidence of your baseless allegations, coercion and manipulation of the facts. 

To address your constant allegations of RIP trolling, another of your vexatious self-defense arguments used as a foil:

Pointing out the fact that some of these unfortunate dead teenagers were also mixing their prescription medications with illegal substances, creating the perfect storm, is ethical reporting not RIP trolling.  It is socially irresponsible to cherry pick the facts of these cases effecting the life and welfare of so many  merely to support your once hoped-for fruitful litigation and hatred of GSK.  To say otherwise is to suggest the media covering the inquest is also guilty of RIP trolling.  To point out your exploitation of these kids is not an underhanded shot of cruelty aimed at them, consistent with RIP trolling as defined.  It's a shot at you, social irresponsibility, and  the parents allowing it. 

It is indeed true that statistical evidence shows ALL SSRI drugs can be the force behind suicide and murder. However, mixing the drugs with illegal substances must have played some sort of contributing role.  Therefore, the public message should be to warn people about the hidden dangers of ALL SSRI drugs, and to also warn of combining them with other toxic substances.  Or are you suggesting a steady combination of  antidepressants, cocaine and ecstasy is safe and can be taken without increasing the risk of suicidal ideation?  Other warnings regarding self-medicating and purposely overdosing on drugs may cause homicidal actions for some SSRI patients.  

Shane Clancy overdosed of his own free will.  Nobody put a gun to his head.  I don’t see you posting a tribute to his victims. Why not? Not fruitful? CCHR not giving out awards for that? 

What the online evidence shows is Leonie Fennell having a grand time in pubs and entertaining you in Ireland.  Do any of you ever ask yourself what reading your grand time must be like for Nuala Creane who struggles to face each day?  Leonie Fennell has had a great deal of attention and support because her son self-medicated and murdered Nuala’s son, ultimately changing the course of the Creane family  forever. Are you telling us Mr. Clancy did not know a toxic level of prescription medication would cause extreme behavior changes? - I thought that was a universal understanding for anyone over the age of 12 years old. It's not rocket science.  

You lot are having a riot on twitter and being wined and dined because Nuala's son’s life was cut short in a violent and brutal way.  Imagine people being awarded for your son’s murder and carrying on online as though your child did not exist, as though his rights were not taken away, as though your drug argument and hatred of GSK, ignoring the fact he intentionally overdosed on a drug that may have contributed to his bout of premeditated violence, trumps  your daily minute-by-minute nightmare?  Before you start calling yourself a caring individual why don’t you and Ms. Fennell ask Ms. Crane how she feels about it?  In my opinion, you are both bordering sadistic and a dangerous threat to mental health reform and the psychological welfare of vulnerable people.

None of this makes us supporters of health care fraud, GSK bullies or online RIP trolls.  

Bob, I don't find it curious as to why you blame your favourite victim for this blog. You have to have an explanation for your primate friends. Who is it? How? Motive? You can't tell them the truth. You can't tell them you don't know because you have created a record number of enemies in ten years. Can you? So you point the finger at your favourite targets. You explain the motive as some far out theory you read in a science fiction book when you were nine years old. Nobody is an informant for GlaxoSmithKline. You don't seem to understand you aren't important enough that Glaxo would bother hiring an informant. It's funny you think you are. They were busy with DOJ. DOJ was a big tumor. Life threatening. You are a hairy wart on their ass. A tick. A flea. Nothing a blow torch can't take care of. But you always lead with the scam and the scandals that read like a book of fiction. It's always extreme and unbelievable, the stuff books are made of, with you as the victim.
You have posted threats of violence to people who had a different opinion than you did. Their opinion, now universally supported, was that Seroxat was not the worst drug, the most dangerous drug in the SSRI class.  Your blogging and wide spread report of misinformation was  fueled by hopes of a cash windfall. Your greed, and that of the others involved, pushed people from Seroxat into the waiting arms of  more dangerous drugs, induced a more catastrophic global epidemic. Many warned you that it could.  And it did.  Wyeth should have sent you, and the others involved, a thank you card for their sudden explosion of unexpected sales.  

You claim you did not cover all SSRI drugs because you only had experience with Seroxat.   Yet, you covered the Cervarix vaccine.  I was not aware that you have a vagina? It all makes sense now. 

Isn't it true that your irresponsible focus on Seroxat as the worst drug in the SSRI class was inspired to ensure google analytics would show Seroxat as being the drug most searched online and spoken of in regard to SSRI withdrawal and side effects? Because that was the stipulation of funding for the litigation and you and the other active litigants were aware of this, were you not?  So you threw the real victims of the most dangerous drugs under the bus for money? And you think there is a difference between your mentality of that and Andrew Witty?  

Debates over drug ADRs became full blown character assassinations. Prolific doxxing became a favourite of yours. But your signature move is to ostracize people and pit one against the other. That's a classic Bob Fiddaman hallmark.   Nothing is off limits.  Not even the children. 

A notice to Bob Fiddaman; 

in April 5th, 2006 at 9:36 am
Dear Mr Robert Fiddaman,

While this site does not seek to censor the views of others, I do take exception to you posting letters and comments which are completely off-topic to the post they appear under.

I also consider your post libellous in nature and for that reason I have removed the bulk of its content. You have also been banned from further contributions in order to prevent similar occurances in future.

Presumably, as the Group moderator of the Online Seroxat Support Group you have the ability to post your views elsewhere.

Please do so.

And -


You are so far out of order you can't even see yourself any more

Have you no shame?
Is there nothing you wont stoop to just to make a point?
Doubting you have the guts to apologise to Jeremy (let alone your sons), do you not understand it's long past time you stopped this?

And don't say you will after Jeremy does. Whatever he does, you are responsible for yourself

Get on with it man - and get a life, for goodness' sake

Here is just one of many instances where you taunted your victim with private family information.

You took one step further when you contacted your victims children and posted, what you claim, was a conversation between yourself and the child.  Outstanding. Now there is a grown man acting responsibly.  *Extreme sarcasm* 

I wont post the link to that.

Maria, How do you like him now? Or were you in on it too? Bob's the same kind of person that pushed Toran to suicide. Or did we decide to overlook all that in favour of a more profitable public message? 

Maria, I have no use for you or Casper. You are hypocrite and no better than the staff you claim ignored the problems Toran was facing at school. I have no doubt you are deeply bereaved by your child's death. However, it seems clear that you really don't understand what your son went through. Casper is about you, not him. It's about your loss, your frustration with the system, not his experience with bullies and inability to cope after a long period of time.

Maria, explain the difference between them (the bullies and the onlookers) and yourself in this scenario with Bob and the people he has bullied for years, claiming he was the victim. Explain how you have been able to overlook the similarities between your sons victimisation and what Bob has been doing for ten years? I'd like to hear it. Explain it now. In the case that perhaps one of Bob's victims or their kid commits suicide because of his/her inability to cope with his bullying of them over a ten year period. I'd like to be able to recall your statement and sheer fucking ignorance so I can throw it in your face, literally, when/if the time comes. Let's hope that time never comes Maria. I wont be kind. You wont like me. You wont like what I have to say to you. Of course this is all assuming Bob is actually in New Zealand and you are actually harbouring a cyber bully. 

I don't believe anything Bob writes. I've learnt he is capable of some astonishing tales manipulated to suit his twisted agenda.  Real mind benders. And if he is living with you you will learn about his creative and deluded sense of drama soon enough. He wont be able to hide who he is forever. Do yourself a favour, lock up your private documents and don't tell him anything he might be tempted to post some years down the road after you've kicked him to the curb. He will, eventually. Because you will, eventually.

Victims of Bob Fiddaman and Casper co-founder Maria Bradshaw are encouraged to make a formal complaint to NZ Charities Commission.

Bob, I noticed you suggested some people need to learn how to use the computer as though you are some sort of expert. Quite comical now, isn't it. I mean, in spite of everything.

List of Bob Fiddaman's handy work

I don't know if this is a complete list or not but these are the ones we are certain of. All of these twitter pages have their own identifying email address'. All of those have the same recovery email address. The recovery email address was created by Bob Fiddaman from his virgin media account.