Friday, 28 October 2011

USA & Canada Using Private Intel Firms to Silence Online Fanatics

Bank of America using Private Intel Firms to Attack Wikileaks

"The plan included pressing a journalist in order to disrupt his support of the organization, cyber attacks, disinformation, and other potential proactive tactics."

In a document titled "The WikiLeaks Threat" three data intelligence companies, Plantir Technologies, HBGary Federal and Berico Technologies, outline a plan to attack Wikileaks. They are acting upon request from Hunton and Williams, a law firm working for Bank of America. The Department of Justice recommended the law firm to Bank of America according to an article in The Tech Herald. The prosed attacks on WikiLeaks according to the slides include these actions:
- Feed the fuel between the feuding groups. Disinformation. Create messages around actions of sabotage or discredit the opposing organizations. Submit fake documents and then call out the error.
- Create concern over the security of the infrastructure. Create exposure stories. If the process is believed not to be secure they are done.
- Cyber attacks against the infrastructure to get data on document submitters. This would kill the project. Since the servers are now in Sweden and France putting a team together to get access is more straightforward.
- Media campaign to push the radial and reckless nature of WikiLeaks activities. Sustain pressure. Does nothing for the fanatics, but creates concern and doubt among moderates.
- Search for leaks. Use social media to profile and identify risky behavior of employees.

Original document converted to PDF

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Bob Fiddaman Biting the Hand That Feeds Him

Citizens Commission on Human Rights has awarded dumb ass twice. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is directly funded by Scientology. Bob Fiddaman, however, finds it offensive to be classified by Patrick McGorry as a scientologist or armchair critic. Odd!The egomaniac proudly uses those awards for self promotion on every blog, website, post, twitter page...!/Fiddaman is quoted: "Wow! McGorry speaks w/o using the conspiracy theory that everyone is an armchair critic or scientologist."

Why do political/professional mental health advocates first assess the belief system of Scientology before recognizing the expressed opinions of mental health advocates who support them? For the the same reason the latest trend in pre-employment screening is requesting the applicant agree to a background/criminal check and credit check. A poor criminal check and credit check are evidence of a history of irresponsible/poor judgement on the part of the applicant. Some believe backing an institution, founded by L.Ron Hubbard, a rumoured cult heavily criticized for their human rights abuses, is also irresponsible/poor judgement. It's verbal flatulence after that. Scientolgoy does not want mental health reform. Scientology aims to wipe out mental health.  Their opion is not objective nor socially responsible.

Bob Fiddaman,, is an armchair critic and second rate citizen. He groans and moans but has contributed nothing. The taxpayers are still picking up his tab while he sits on the computer we paid for, using the Internet connection we paid for, under the roof we paid for, eating the food we paid for, wearing the clothes we paid for. Bob Fiddaman is fundamentally misguided, the annoying footy fan in the crowd screaming at the professional players on the field. You just want to ram your foot in his mouth.   Of course he could do a better job of it as soon as he gets over his preoccupation with self promotion.


Monday, 10 October 2011

Essex Police, Fbi ,Scientology, Amazon, GSK Love Bob Fiddaman Bitch Post Best

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Two law enforcement agencies,  CCHR,  Glaxosmithkline love post :

Speaks volumes.

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Friday, 7 October 2011

Fbi Criminal Justice Information Systems Investigating Fake Bob Fiddaman Twitter Pages and Online Harassment

We've removed the section that will allow readers information about which pages were accessed about Bob Fiddaman & Co. by Fbi.  Seems those who have been victims of Bob Fiddaman are finally banning together to put a stop to the human rights activist.  All sorts of legal activity going on with GSKs lawyers directing traffic and asking for information, ISP providers and twitter jumping on board the Fiddaman harassment pages.  Authorities finally asking for contact information for those who have alleged harassment by Bob Fiddaman. 

It seems authorities in three countries are finally taking group complaints seriously.

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