Friday, 25 November 2011

Bob Fiddaman Using Sara Carlin as Weapon AGAIN?

Whenever Bob Fiddaman feels the need to explain himself - deflect blame - outright lie, he uses poor Sara Carlin.

Has this girl not been exploited enough? Will her parents not stop this man from using their daughter over and over again in his online flame wars -Ones he brought upon himself?  Shame on him. Shame on Sara Carlin's parents. Does this child not deserve peace in death? How many times will the adults  fail her, use her, allow her to be used?

Bob Fiddaman hurls libelous and untruthful statements like swords, blatant lies at whomever gets in his way. When his victims fight back, he picks up what is left of Sara Carlin and uses her as a shield. What an upstanding  guy. "Defender of babies and human rights advocate," you say? ... Her parents see nothing wrong with it? 

How will Sara's parents feel when they find out Bob Fiddaman has been lying to them?  With conviction, denies any involvement in brycewillstalku and jeremybrycejoke pages, uses their dead daughter to defend his lies,  denies any involvement in bullying, stalking, harassment, is serious when he tells his fan club that we work for Gsk ..  Are you all brain damaged? 

Will Sara's parents then use the same explanation as they did with Paxil?  "We had no idea."

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