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Has Bob Fiddaman Downgraded Tragic Sara Carlin Story to Pornography?

Bob Fiddaman loves to pump up the shock factor of teen suicide, feed his battered ego using Canadian teen girls suicide like a football in his own self serving match of online scrummage.  Many are beginning to believe the serial bloggers repetitive and perversely excessive coverage of Canadian teen suicide case has taken an important public interest story and downgraded it to mere pornography.

Teen suicide is worldwide concern.  Journalist  believe history has proven covering teen suicide is risky business. Unethical journalism or blogging has the potential for tragic large scale consequences from those who can relate to the victim.

Sara Carlin died by suicide May 6, 2007.  The Inquest into her death was held June 2010. The story was covered by local media and anti-psychiatry blogger, Bob Fiddaman. Mr. Fiddaman's daily blogging coverage includes music videos with pictures of the suicide victim. The coroners jury made their recommendations in favor of Sara Carlin.  Bob Fiddaman continues to obsessively post links from his twitter page and blog about the girl who has long since earned her right to rest in peace - Be freed from the chains of stigma Bob Fiddaman and Ms. Carlin's family have kept her imprisoned. 

At first glance it appears Bob Fiddaman habitually re-posts the Sara Carlin story to spread the word about the dangers of antidepressants.  This is where things get interesting and sick.  After paying a little more attention you realize dead Sara Carlin is a shield in the  Bob Fiddaman blame game. "I know you are but what am I?" crap!  Mr. Fiddaman's motive for spontaneously re-posting the link in excess has done so in attempt to discredit opposing opinions aimed at him and his methods of advocacy. Almost five years after her death, Sara Carlin is still Bob Fiddaman's prisoner, personal football when taking another kick at the opposition, shield when deflecting blame. Constant warnings to Mr. Fiddaman have fallen on deaf ears and a hateful mind more concerned with avenging Glaxosmithkline and defending his perverted methods of advocacy. And what of her parents?  How far have you strayed when you allow a stranger to use your dead daughter as a online weapon because you both hate a pharmaceutical company?

Teen suicide is a worldwide concern.  Journalist believe covering teen suicide is risky business. Schooled Journalist are careful to gently cover the issue of  teen suicide with the guidance of the Psychiatric Association. After closely monitoring world wide statistics, trends, and compelling media effects, the association advises journalist to avoid giving details of the method used to avoid suicide clusters.  It also says that media should avoid photos of the deceased, avoid admiration of the deceased, avoid front page coverage, and
avoid repetitive and excessive coverage.  Research by mental health experts suggests spotlighting suicide through media coverage can actually encourage others to follow suit—especially if a suicide is portrayed as glamorous or romantic. The straightforward guideline is not to avoid the issues of teen suicide rather to prevent others from occurring by suicide contagion known as the Werther effect.

Bob Fiddaman produced amateur youtube music video dedicated to dead 18 year old Sara Carlin. He has posted the link to her story no less than 107 times according to googles calculation. These statistics are not updated calculations and do not represent the number of links that have been re-posted by his cronies and other interested parties.  His blog is filled with her pictures. I can't think of a more glamorous or romantic way to memorialize and attract suicide clusters than a video and photographs of the pretty dead girl at her best. What began as a public right to know is now choreographed and perverted exploitation masking as advocacy with parental consent.

Neil and Rhonda Carlin have allowed their dead child to become re-victimized by the very person they turned to in their hour of need. Will Neil and Rhonda Carlin live to regret sharing so much of their daughter with Bob Fiddaman?

Bob Fiddaman and most of his online cronies from CCHR  have not graduated senior school,  were never enrolled in any accredited university or college.  These ADULTS have neglected their financial responsibilities and  family obligations for blogging and tweeting, spend the vast majority of their day researching each others private affairs to vilify anyone whose opinion does not fall in line with their own. They instigate and fuel flame wars, scream victim if a retaliation occurs, they wear the human rights badge of honor while abusing human rights concurrently.  

A recognized doctor in the Bob Fiddaman group is rumored to have had to "walk away" from Bob Fiddaman & CCHR.  "We communicate less frequently."He found them unbearable, suppressive, stifling, unethical.  He is also certain Bob Fiddaman has lied about the twitter pages he claims not to be administrator of. "I didn't sign up for that."

Recent facebook posts suggest Bob Fiddaman and CCHR have requested science must prove to them that they have some sort of mental disorder.  I believe all we need to do is take a poll.  

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