Thursday, 2 August 2012

For the record,,You ARE Bob Fiddaman

For the record,, You ARE Bob Fiddaman
For the record,, You ARE Bob Fiddaman
For the record, the next time you decide to stalk people online you should be more careful about the recovery address.  Hard to pass all these individual twitter pages off as people that don't know each other,or you, when they all used the same recovery address.  A critical error you are kicking yourself in the ass for.
Ironically, the same address you used for a blog you took ownership of several years ago. 

For the record, you lazy troll, you haven't paid taxes in over a decade. 
For the record, you can't fool the 25,000 people that work at google USA and Canada.
For the record, isn't this the reason why google refused to remove the blogs created by your victims? Because they know?
For the record, rage junkie, you should have taken them down when we offered a cease fire but you chose to risk your girlfriends hard work and her dead son for your obsession.
For the record, she will find out you lied to her.  
For the record, your friends know it is you. 
For the record, that's just the "tip of the iceberg." 

Maria, we will be sure to get those logs for you as soon as you send your email address.
Bob, the book on how to spot a psychopath says you are about to go and have another verbally abusive seizure on your multiple twitter pages.

Message to : For the record, I am not Bob Fiddaman. I am here because I disagree with your benefit fraud and activities.

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