Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bob Fiddaman Publicly Threatens Government of New Zealand 

This just gets better and better

Ya, ya, Bob. We get it. We've heard all about your impersonation accusations, benefits fraud and cars ramming people. We've heard all about your conspiracy theories, jealousy theories, people paid to be informants for GlaxoSmithKline and what not. We know you are so important and  this is all a conspiracy  against you. Let me guess, the CIA is in on it too?  They have bugged your luggage and there is a transmitter in your skin, implanted while you slept.  Of course this is all happening because a poor man on disability is such a huge threat to Sir Andrew Witty and GlaxoSmithKlines bottom line.  Suuuuure you are.

Nobody gives a shit.  Boooooooring..

Anyone that believes the parody blogs and twitter pages have been anything other than self defense is a few screws short. If they were informants for GlaxoSmithKline then the job is done, right? Litigation over. Right? So, why they sticking around? Jealous? Of what? That you have to latch on to vulnerable women to get out of England and have them get you a place, create a job for you? But your bedtime stories are pretty fascinating.  Most men like to be the hero in their own stories. You, strangely, enjoy being the victim.  It looks like it's been profitable for you. Can't say I, myself, would be satisfied  with lifes crumbs but you don't seem to mind relying on women to get you where you want to go.  

Say, Bob. When do you think you will get off the computer and do some work, eh?  Doesn't Maria have you on some sort of schedule (leash) to earn your keep? Or you just gonna milk that quickly, take her for whatever you can get until you've sucked the life and finances out of her?  Can't see how you could possibly be doing much of anything.  The last six hours have been dedicated to ALL of your twitter pages and surfing the net.  Could not help notice how they are ALL now on New Zealand time.  How odd!

Was in stitches over your last blog explaining your intentions in New Zealand. Say, do you think it's a good idea to threaten the country where you are a guest?   Keep at it though. Do let us know how that all works out for you. :-) I do believe they've noticed. 

We heard you made a vow to cut back on your computer time and try to break your addiction (S)  Not going too well? 

Bob, better get a move on.  Maria might start to notice your non existent work ethic and put two and two together.  If you can't find anything to do, there is always women's work.

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